Oh Venice
Your Water Is
Cozy And
Your Skin And Walls
Are Almost The Same.
I Am Half Roman
And The Other Half
Is Made From Your
Hot Salty
Paper Sauce Skin

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Your Poem Is Building A Future For Itself.
Should You Be There To Celebrate
The Future Or
Your Poem Future

Or Other People Poems Future,
Is Not Up To Me
Or Up To You,

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She Said
Let Is Cut The Crap
What Do You Mean
Cut The Crap?
You Have A Man
A Boy
A Friend

And You Are Looking At Me
For Me
What Crap Is That
What Is If I Am That Person
And Still You Are Looking For Someone Else
What Crap You Want To Cut?

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Love Is The Slowest Form Of Suicide Not A Real Owl, It Is Food Art Annie Ralli’s Hand Painting Illusions – Playing Awesome Creative Illusion Of Flowers And Girl Kon Kahega Ye Abhi Bache Hain? Great 3D Sketch – The Cup is Not Real Sweet Little Cute Girl Making Her Own Lunch Are Your Eyes Betraying You. Stairs To Heaven Amazing Paper-Castle Artwork

She Looked At Me
From The Side Is Your New Approach?
I Remember You Were Looking At Me To Me
‘Wake Up It Me Straight And From All Sides
What Happen To You Woman?
Why One Side One Angle Did I Missed
Something I Was Poor A Disaster
A Hurricane But I Looked At You
Checked On You Checked You Out
From All Sides I Did Not Leave
Any Angle Behind

So, Why You Still Antagonistic
With One Side Glance? I Adore That Anyway
I Am Sure One Side Is Fine
The Other Is Not But
I Do Not Care About Your Fine
No Problem Side I Do Care
About The Side
That Is Bleeding And Spill Out
Lava And Heated Gas Of
A Great Pressured Amour

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Like A Child
I Am Standing Up Looking
At The Giant Lake
As It Crashes And Spills
Against The Rocks.
I Sit
When It Sits
And Calms Down.
I Sit
And My Mind Is Up
And Down
It Calms With The Calming Blue Of The Lake

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She Smokes.
The Dead Is Tossed Down.
The Eyes Are Covered By Sun Glasses.
She Walks By The Wall
While The Walkway Is Wide Enough.
It Is The Smoke Signal
The Past Is Her War

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The Smile
Her Glance
As It Softens And Then Turns Into A Red Wine.
Her Head Is Settle And Unwilling To Follows Mine.
What Is In Eileen’s Head
Pregnant, Stuffed, And Full With
Hopes And
New Born Ideas

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The Flood Is
I Need To
Save Myself First.
If I Could,
I Will Save Eileen From Her Own Flood
And Then
The World

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At The Sandy Beach
Of Michigan Lake
Poor Fat Bodies
With Darker Or Pale Cloths And Swimming Cloths
Are Laying Down, Swimming, Or Moving Slowly
Their Voices Remind Me
The Crashing Waves.

At The Edges,
The Riches Of City
Bike And Run
At The Speed Of Light

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Is Fragmented,
Cut, Or

Each Piece
A World War

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