Her Fingers Playing…
Totally Enraptured My Soul Taken And Captured,
Eye’s Meet In Some Far Off Crowded Place, All That
I Desired Was To Be Inspired In This Place, She Moves
With A Style And A Grace, Every Inch A Woman Of Taste,
She Beckons Sweetly And Discreetly Walks At Slow Pace
Slowly Chatting As If Tourism Was All That I Chased…

Slowly Her Hand Slips Into Mine, Her Fingers Playing For
The Longest Time Shyly She Smiles As They Entwine, Eye’s So
Hauntingly Beautiful And Yet So Wise, You Can See Forever In
Her Eye’s The Sun Over The Temple Rise, Let Us Follow The Other
And Be Man And Wife, Being One In All Things In Life…

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A Lot Of Northern Soul
He’s A Loveable Rogue, With A Northern Brogue,
With All The Lasses He Act’s So Bold, But Deep Down
He’s Just A One Woman Soul, He Loves His Lass To Distraction
If The Truths Be Told, Her Gently Love Awakens More Depth To
Him Than He Even Knows, Poetry With A Little Northern Heart
And A Lot Of Northern Soul, I Carn’t Count The Way’s He Whispers
I Love You So

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Whispers Of Our Love Everywhere
A Faded Photo Within Its Frame, The Times
I’ve Picked It Up And Whispered You’re Sweet,
Name, Missed You Just The Same, I Hear Your
Voice Whisper Oh Andy Once Again, Your Heart
So Full Of Love That I’ve Never Could Explain…

Smiling Through My Tears Although It’s Been So
Many Years, Heart Beats Counted When You Were
Here, Every Second Lived And Loved To Its Max My Dear,
Pointing To My Heart And Whispering That’s Why You’re
Always Here…

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Don’t Ask Stupid Questions To This Kid Mom Is Wow Funny Pictire Of 404 Not Found Mujhe Jane Do Mene Kuch Nahi Kiya Best Couple In Town A Royal Horse Running In Yard Creative Fish Art Work On Watermelon Amazing Creativity Of Ganesh Ji Nailed It – A Realistic Tattoo Now It’s Your Turn

With The Warmth Of A Summers Breeze,
His Breath So Hot And So Ready To Please,
Its Sweet Passion Stirs More Than A Few Leaves,
Awakening Storms In Some Far Off Seas, Why
Is It So Hard To Breathe, Bosom Raising And Falling
Like That Angry Sea, Yet He Touches Her Not Until She
Gives Her Leave, A Sea Chanty In Her Ear He Breathes…

A Ripple That Stirs The Sea, Growing In Passion And Sweet
Intensity, When All Seemed Dead And Lifeless To Me, You My
Sweet Darling Awoke The Longing In Me, At Last Some One
Who Understands The Passionate Woman In Me, Did Nothing
To Hurt But Always To Please, Just To See The Joy It Brings To Me,
Come My Love She Whispers Make Love To Me…

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Funny Veg Jokes

Overtime Karna Bechare Ki Majburi Hai
Ek Aadmi Ko Din Mein Sote Hue Ek Machhar Ne Kaata. Aadmi Hairan Hote Hue Machhar Se Bola: "Tum To Raat Ko Aate The?"

Innocent Child Doing Business
A Little Boy Was Selling Parachutes. Little Boy: "Buy This Parachute And Land Safely On The Ground During Emergency"

Don’t Talk Online With Strangers
Girl Chatting Online With Unknown Man Man: "Coukd you give me your e-mail id ?" Girl: Sure Here It's... "

Syani Biwi Ka Example
Patni Ne Pati Ko Awaj Dete Hue Kaha: "Suno, Kya Aap Kitchen Se Garam Masala Le Kar Ayenge?" Pati Gaya Aur Dhudne Ke B

Height Of Facebook Addiction
Baap Ne Ane Bete Ko Computer Par Facebook Khole Dekha To Uske Pass Gaya Aur Bola Baap: "Beta, Facebook Se Hatt Ke Bhi

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