Tumhare Liye Andheron Se Ladkar
Phir Wapas Ek Muskaan Laaya Meine
Apni Hi Tanhaayi Se Bhik Mangkar
Tumhare Liye Kuch Sher Laaya Meine

Tumne Moujhe Ek Ajnabee Bana Diya
Par Hamara Dostaana Puraana Bhi Hai
Teri Is Mehfil Main Mera Aana Jaana
Tumse Milne Ka Ye Ek Bahaaana Bhi Hai

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I Have Often Divided My Lunch With Her.
She Knows All Of My Dreams,
My Ambitions, My Dark Days…
Often However I Don’t Really Know
What To Tell Her,
Because She Puts Me To Uneasiness.

There Are Mornings In Which
She Drives Me Mad,
Because She Is Not Invited,
Yet She Introduces Herself
With The First Lights Of The Dawn…
She Walks All Day Long By My Side
In The Middle Of The Crowd.

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Dancing With Ghosts…!

You Have Entered
On The Tip Of Your Toes

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Painting Of Himself Painting Himself Mil Bant Ke Khana To Koi Inse Sikhe Beautiful Super Mario Wedding Cake This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. Not Today – Once In A Lifetime Shot Art Of Nature A Baby Turtle Born WIth Two Heads Magic Floating Tap Say No To Smoking – The Difference Is Clear Cat Is Crying For Her Meal

The Sky Was In Silence,
With The Moon Reigning Up There.
Cuddled In Dream’s Peaceful Arms,
Was The World Here Around.

Facing Who Knows What Distance,
Reached To Me An Enchanting Sound.
Bringing Along,With Her Charms,
Memories Of A Past So Near.

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In The Shadow Of Your Smile,
There’s Still The Same Invitation Of Yours.
In The Mysterious Pond Of Your Eyes
There’s Still A Silent Invitation Of Yesterday
Every Single Thing About You
Seems To Suggest “o, Let’s Start Again.”

Every Single Trait Of You
Seems To Cry Out A Revival.
But Deep Inside Me…
I Feel Like Everything Is Burnt To Ash
And Lost To Oblivion.
I’m Afraid To Think Of Yesterday.

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Meri Atma Ne Jo Mere Dil Ko Sounaya Hai
Wo Batein Meine Tujhe Nahin Bataya Hai

Tere Saath Beete Hue Sounehre Lamhon Ko
Meine Kai Safed Goulaabon Se Sajaaya Hai

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Mujhe Bhul Jane Kii Tumhein Koyi Zarurat Nahin Hain
Meri Yaadein Tinkon Ki Bani Hui Koyi Imaarat Nahin Hain

Hamare Pyaar Ke Aashiyane Ko Jo Raakh Main Badal De
Lakhon Suraj Ke Agni Main Bhi Eissi Haraarat Nahin Hain

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Agar Moujhe Tarpane Main
Itna Mazaa Aata Hai Tumhein

To Aur Tarpaao Moujhe…
Nahin Karounga Toujhse

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Meri Jaan To Nahin Jaayegi Ek Aur Gham Ke Liye
Mere Dil Main Ek Jagah Hai Ek Aur Gham Ke Liye

Mein Tere Paas Hi Laut.Ta Houn Naye Chot Ke Liye
Jab Jism Par Jagah Nahin Ek Aur Zakham Ke Liye

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When The Mountains Will Keep For Them
The Echoes Of My Childhood.
When The Calls Of The Waves
Will Remain Without Answer.

When There Won’t Be Anymore
Treasures To Search.
No Fight Against
Injustice To Deliver.
And That All Passions
Will Be Appeased.

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