A Fading Dream Among The Hands
Is All That You Have

For A Love You Know Is Forever Lost
And That You Won’t Ever Have.

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When Hope Wakes Up Within Me,
I Can Find Myself Dreaming

Of The Flight Of My Soul.
When I Feel Anxiety In My Heart

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I Will Be The Wind
And I Will Blow To Extinguish
The Lights Of Your City.
The Night Will Be More Dark…
And In The Silence Of Expectation,
(Only Sounds To Bloom
The Soul…)
The Hidden Desires
Without Finding Any More Resistance
Will Become The Book Of Your Story…

I Will Be The Wind
And My Name
I Will Write On Your Skin…

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Sandwich Flip Flops Awesome Staircase, Looks Like A Bulb Amazing 3D Sketch Of A Water Bottle See Very Carefully Its Just A Painting Cute Little Devil Amazing Creativity Made By Hands Cute Baby Sleeping During Yoga Classes Banana Phone Kisi Aur Se Kaise Fass Sakti Hai Vo Mast Girl In Green Top

Already You Are Now Reading Me
And You Are About To Enter My Pain

I Now Write But For The Last Time I Grant You
To Read Me.A Last Time Again,

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Last Night I Heard A Star Weeping…
I Wanted To Run Away For Not Hearing It Anymore

But I Didn’t Find A Finish Line To Put An End
To My Heeding.So I Remained Immovable,

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Kho Gayaa Mera Pyaar, Dhundun Kahaan Kahaan,

Raah Andheri Hai, Chiraag Jalaoun Kahaan Kahaan,

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Waqt Hai Kam Aur Yaha Dil Thakaa Houa Hai
Ba-Deedar-E-Yaar Zaar Dam Atkaa Houa Hai

Dastak-E-Naseem-E-Sahar Ki Aas Hai Bekaar
Barfaani Samaan Wahan Par Rukaa Houa Hai

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No, I Won’t Cry Anymore
But I Will Close My Heart Again

So That All Can See Only
What I Want The Others To See.

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Up There In The Universe,
Among The Myriads Of Stars,
Mine Also Is Visible …
It Is So Sad, It Is Melancholic,
Its Rays Reflect An Icy Anguish,
Its Twinkles Tremble In Uncertainty,
Its Beams Have Become Miserable Sparks.

It Wants To Blow Itself Out
It Doesn’t Want To Be Anymore
A Star Radiant And Fulgurant,
It’s Deaf To The Cheerful Comments
Of Its Celestial Fellows…
But Wants To Tumble Down
In A Void , Dark And Without Bottom…
As To Put An End
To The Evil That Derive
From An Unattainable Dream.

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If Really You Have To Hate Me
Hate Me Now Now That The World Is Intent

To Oppose Whatever I Do,
Unite Yourself To The Hostility

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Funny Veg Jokes

Our Hindu Gods
Hindu Gods.... Brahma: "System installer" Vishnu: "System operator" Shiva: "System programmer" Narad: "Data

Santa Se Hoshiyari Nahi Chalegi
Santa Ek Din Store Mein Kuchh Samaan Lene Gaya. Santa: "Mujhe Dog Food Chahiye." Sales Girl: "Kya Aapke Paas Kutta

Waqt Ke Sath Sath Tum Bhi Badlo
Baba Saxidas Ji Ki Mahaan Baaton Mein Se Ek Baat. Samaye Par Aadatein Nahi Badali, To Woh Aadatein Life Ban Jati Hai,

I Wish, I Was A Newspaper
Wife: "I Wish, I Was A Newspaper, So I Would Be In Your Hands All-Day" Husband: "I Too Wish, That You Were A Newspape

Gyaan Ki Baat By Baba Saxidas
Baba Saxida Ji Ka Aaj Ka Mast Vichaar. "Badaam Khaane Se Utni Akal Nahi Aati, Jitni Dhoka Khaane Se Aati Hai."

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