I’m Pining, For Your Love Love Me
Some Thing Twists, Deep In Me, Midst Cramp
Then Often, Reappears Like Vamps
I Don’t Know: What Happens To Me?

My Eyes Get Wet And Then, Face Damps
I’m Pining, For Your Love Love Me
Hark! Cuckoo Called Her Spouse Sweetly
And, He Has, Just, Landed Near Her

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Husn Afroz Kahaan Tak Bhalaa Chhupaaougey?
Na Sahee Aaj, Kabhee To Nazar Mein Aaougey?

Chaandnee Raat Mein, Mahtaab Chhupeygaa Kaisey?
Naqaab-E-Abra Kahaan Hai, Ki, Audhh Paaougey?

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This World Is An Exchanging Place!
It’s Give And Take! We’re Midst A Race!

The Pithy Sun Gives Light And Hues!
And, Heat, That Warms Our Souls And Hearts!!
In Turn, We Turn To Dust, Pure Dust;
Of Micro-Microns, Spread Athwart!

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Eye See You – OMG What Is This Creative Thai Anti-Sleepy Driving Ad Get Up Dady, It’s Morning Now Ring Of Love Labrador In Cloths Looking Cute Peanut Zombies Cute Penguins Created From Brinjal Mast Girl In Green Top City Made Out Of Toothpicks This Is What We Are Doing With Nature

Paas Aaou: To Kahoon Tum Sey Kuchh Apnee, Mein Bhi
Muskuraaou: To Kahoon Tum Sey Kuchh Apnee, Mein Bhi

Binaa Tumhaarey, Dahar Eik, Sar Sey Guzaraa Hai
Kuchh Bataaou: To Kahoon Tum Sey Kuchh Apnee, Mein Bhi

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Aadamee, Aadmeeyat Sey Anjaan Hai!
Beech Hawwaa Wa Aadam Key Shaitaan Hai!!

Ab To Dair-O-Haram Bhi Nishaaney Pai Hain;
Gard-E-Dahshat Mein Eemaan Qurbaan Hai!

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Gurma Hai Bey Hisab : Magar Too Naheen Hai Paas !
Kitna Hai Gurm Aab : Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Mein, Maykadey Mein Haaziree Deyney Gayaa Hoon Roz :
Ab, Doon Kisey Hisaab, Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

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We’re Grown-Up Enough For Love! Sweet Dove!
Look Not Down, There, Or, Far Above!!
I’m Right In-Front Of You: Behold!
Look, We Are At The Same Threshold!!

That, Yonder Twisty Way, Is Long:
To Which, This Sub-Way Leads, A Throng!
We May Join It, Now, All-Along!
See, All Are Ready, For A Song:

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Come: Hold My Hand And, Let Me Live
I’m Dying: Touch Intimately
Don’t Hesitate; And, Get Mately
My Want For You, Has Grown Greatly

I Have Known You, Dear, Quite Lately
I’m Late, In Finding You; Forgive
Come, Hold My Hand! And, Let Me Live
I’m Dying: Take Me, In Your Arms

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Kuch Khushnuman Lumhon Ki Humein Bhi Umid Ho
Tushrif Aap Laayen Humari Bhi Eid Ho

Hoti Ruhi Hai Yun To Azl Se Dua Salam
Nuzrein Nahn Miln Hain Magar Ab To Eid Ho

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Lagaataar Awaaz Mein Dey Rahaa Thaa
Tah-E-Jaw Theen Meyree Nigaahain Kaheen Par

Kise Justjoo Mein Lagaa Thaa Azal Se
Nazar Aayeen Mujh Ko Woh Baanhain Naheen Par

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Funny Veg Jokes

Awesome Advice For Boys
Awesome Advice For Boys "Love Your Friends Not Their Sisters" And "Love Your Sisters Not Their Friends."

Bahut Ajeeb Beemari Hai Is Ladki Ko
Ek Bahut Hi Khubsoorat Ladki Doctor Ke Paas Gayi Aur Boli Ladki: "Doctor Sahab Mere Ko Ajeeb Si Beemari Hai" Docto

Paisa Bachao Paisa, Santa Ke Idea Se
Santa Ke Ghar Aag Lagne Par Uski Patni Ki Kuch Body Jal Gayi. Santa Usko Shehar Ke Mashoor Sergion Ke Paas Le Gaya

Kab Ladki Ko 1st Time Bada Pain Hota Hai?
Teacher Class Mein Ek Question Poochti Hai. Teacher: "Woh Kya Hai Jo Ladki Pehli Baar Karwate Hue Pain Ki Wajah Se Ro

Biwi Se Panga Soch Samajh Ke Lo
Doctor: "Apke Teen Daant Kese Toot Gaye?" Santa: "Wife Ne Kadak Roti Banayi Thi" Doctor: "To Khane Se Mana Kar Det

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