This World Is An Exchanging Place!
It’s Give And Take! We’re Midst A Race!

The Pithy Sun Gives Light And Hues!
And, Heat, That Warms Our Souls And Hearts!!
In Turn, We Turn To Dust, Pure Dust;
Of Micro-Microns, Spread Athwart!

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Paas Aaou: To Kahoon Tum Sey Kuchh Apnee, Mein Bhi
Muskuraaou: To Kahoon Tum Sey Kuchh Apnee, Mein Bhi

Binaa Tumhaarey, Dahar Eik, Sar Sey Guzaraa Hai
Kuchh Bataaou: To Kahoon Tum Sey Kuchh Apnee, Mein Bhi

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Aadamee, Aadmeeyat Sey Anjaan Hai!
Beech Hawwaa Wa Aadam Key Shaitaan Hai!!

Ab To Dair-O-Haram Bhi Nishaaney Pai Hain;
Gard-E-Dahshat Mein Eemaan Qurbaan Hai!

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Dekha Mera Style Where Are You Now? Ultimate Creativity With Shadow Different Settings of Boys N Girls Cool But Scary Hairstyle Meet The Super Girl Awesome Click – A Frog Is Hiding From Rain! Let Me Take Out The Ball Believe It Or Not But This Is A Painting Oh My Eye – Amazing But Scary Shot

Gurma Hai Bey Hisab : Magar Too Naheen Hai Paas !
Kitna Hai Gurm Aab : Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

Mein, Maykadey Mein Haaziree Deyney Gayaa Hoon Roz :
Ab, Doon Kisey Hisaab, Agar Too Naheen Hai Paas !

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We’re Grown-Up Enough For Love! Sweet Dove!
Look Not Down, There, Or, Far Above!!
I’m Right In-Front Of You: Behold!
Look, We Are At The Same Threshold!!

That, Yonder Twisty Way, Is Long:
To Which, This Sub-Way Leads, A Throng!
We May Join It, Now, All-Along!
See, All Are Ready, For A Song:

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Come: Hold My Hand And, Let Me Live
I’m Dying: Touch Intimately
Don’t Hesitate; And, Get Mately
My Want For You, Has Grown Greatly

I Have Known You, Dear, Quite Lately
I’m Late, In Finding You; Forgive
Come, Hold My Hand! And, Let Me Live
I’m Dying: Take Me, In Your Arms

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Kuch Khushnuman Lumhon Ki Humein Bhi Umid Ho
Tushrif Aap Laayen Humari Bhi Eid Ho

Hoti Ruhi Hai Yun To Azl Se Dua Salam
Nuzrein Nahn Miln Hain Magar Ab To Eid Ho

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Lagaataar Awaaz Mein Dey Rahaa Thaa
Tah-E-Jaw Theen Meyree Nigaahain Kaheen Par

Kise Justjoo Mein Lagaa Thaa Azal Se
Nazar Aayeen Mujh Ko Woh Baanhain Naheen Par

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Beygunaah Jo Un Kee Zad Mein Aa Gaye
Khoon Sey Apney Mazeed Nahaa Gaye

Mushkilain Hee Mushkilain Theen Raah Mein
Har Dagar Par Haadishey Takraa Gaye

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Nazar, Nazar Sey Milaaney Key Liye Aaougey?
Fir Eik Baar, Pilaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Khumaar Ab Bhi Hai Baaqee, Yeh Sach Hai, Pahiley Kaa
Jaam-E-Altaaf* Dilaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

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