Woh Kitni Achi Ladki Thi

Woh Kitni Achi Ladki Thi
Tum Jissey Mohabbat Karte They
Kuch Bholi Si Kuch Chanchal Si
Tum Jissey Mohabbat Karte They

Woh Bolti Thi Tum Suntey They
Tum Suntey The Aur Hanstey They
Woh Kitni Achi Larki Thi
Tum Jissey Mohabbat Karte They

Tum Usko Sataya Kartey The
Woh Tumse Khafa Hojati Thi
Tum Usko Manaya Kartey The
Kuch Nazmein Sunaya Kartey The

Kuch Raaz Bataya Kartey The
Woh Kitni Achi Larki Thi
Jab Door Kahin Tum Jaatey The
Woh Aankhain Nam Karleti Thi

Maathey Pe Shikan Le Aati Thi
Honton Se Bhaley Kuch Na Boley
Aankhon Se Hi Sab Keh Jaati Thi
Woh Deep Jalaya Karti Thi

Dawazey Ki Mundairon Pe
Woh Sapney Dekha Karti Thi
Roshan Din Ke Ujalon Mein
Woh Raat Ko Roya Karti Thi

Woh Khat Jab Tumko Likhti Thi
Sab Acha Hai Yeh Kehti Thi
Woh Dil Ka Haal Na Kehti Thi
Chup Rehti Thi Sab Sehti Thi

Aur Khat Ke Aakhir Mein Aksar
Ek Dil Ko Banaya Karti Thi
Tum Khat Ko Poora Parhtey The
Phir Parhtey The Phir Parhtey The

Har Ek La-Faz Ko Chotey The
Har Ek Ibarat Peetay The
Aur Khat Ke Koney Ko Apney
Honton Se Lagaya Kartey The

Aankhon Pe Tikaya Kartey The
Maathey Pe Sajaya Karte The
Seenay Se Lagaya Kartey The
Ek Roz Achanak Aisa Hua

Koi Khat Na Tumhey Mausool Hua
Koi Dil Na Tumhare Seenay Se Lagney Paya Sajney Paya
Koi Ek Ibarat Bhi Na Tumhe Peenay Ko Mili Choney Ko Mili
Tum Rakht E Safar Ko Baandh Ke Phir

Manzil Ko Chalye Aur Chaltey Gaye
Jab Pohanchay Tu Maloom Hua
Jo Aankhain Nam Karleti Thi
Jo Chanchal Thi Jo Saada Thi

Jo Tumse Rotha Karti Thi
Jo Dheemay Dheemay Lehjay Se
Dil Mein Ek Aag Lagati Thi
Jo Deep Jalaya Karti Thi

Jo Aas Lagaya Karti Thi
Jo Khat Ke Koney Pe Aksar
Ek Dil Ko Banaya Karti Thi
Woh Larki Tumko Chorr Chali

Woh Larki Yaadon Ko Saari
Ek Pal Mein Bhula Kar Chorr Chali
Tum Kitney Pagal Larke The
Tum Ussey Mohabbat Karte The

Tum Kitney Pagal Larke The
Tum Ussey Mohabbat Karte The

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