Wo Harf-E-Mohabbat Bolen

Wo Harf-E-Mohabbat Bolen
Hum Khwaab-E-Mohabbat Dekhen,

Phir Bhee Reh Jaayen Faansle- Darmiyaan
Wo Mere Dil Tak Aayen

Hum Unke Dil Tak Jaayen
Phir Bhee Jamaane Ke Silsile-Darmiyaan

Unki Adaaon Mein Izhaar-E-Ishq Shaamil
Kaampte Hothon Mein Ikraar-E-Ishq Shaamil

Wo Dil Se Humko Chaahen
Hum Dil Se Unko Chaahen

Phir Bhee Riwaazon Ke Kaafile-Darmiyaan
Wo Harf-E-Mohabbat Bolen

Hum Khwaab-E-Mohabbat Dekhen
Phir Bhee Reh Jaayen Faansle–darmiyaan

Deed Ko Lat Hai Unke Tasavur Ki
Dil Ko Talaash Aakhiri Ghar Ki,

Wo Humko Dil Mein Rakhen
Hum Unko Dil Mein Rakhen

Phir Bhee Duniya Ke Jaljale–darmiyaan
Wo Harf-E-Mohabbat Bolen

Hum Khwaab-E-Mohabbat Dekhen
Phir Bhee Reh Jaayen Faansle–darmiyaan

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