Wo Hai Kahan Mujse Mat Pucho

Wo Hai Kahan Mujse Mat Pucho,
Mere Dil Me To Rahati Thi Woh

Magar Ruth Kar Gayi Kahan Mujse Mat Pucho
Yaad Aati He Woh Mujse Har Waqt,

Kya Kisi Gahri Me Ushe Yaad Aata Hu,Mujse Mat Pucho.
Mere Naam Se Usne Apna Naam Jod Diya Tha,

Mera Magar Kya Kya Jud Gaya Tha Ushe Mujse Mat Pucho.
Kasi Hogi Woh Ye To Mujse Pata Nahi,
Magar Uske Bina Mera Haal Mujse Mat Pucho

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    13 Sep 2008 No Comment 10

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