Wilting Flower

The Season Has Finally Came,
For You To Bloom With Colors,
And Claim Fame,
With The Other Pretty Flowers,

Than You Look At The Others,
Also Waking Up From There Sleep,
Showing There Best Colors,
Colors You Wish You Could Keep,

Your Trying So Much,
To Be Beautiful,
When You Know You Don’t Have That Stuff,
To Even Be Wonderful,

You Lost So Many Great Friends,
By Trying To Be That Way,
So Many Friendships That Has Ended,
And That Was Just Today,

The Season Is Almost Gone,
And You Have Sank Further Than You Were,
This Picture You Have Created Is All Wrong,
Thinking Back On What Has Occured,

Trying To Make Yourself Beautiful,
Which Didn’t Turn Out So Great,
Losing Friends So Wonderful,
And To Get Them Back, It’s To Late,

Here You Are A Wilting Flower,
Letting Out A Soft Sigh,
Dying Slowly Hour By Hour,
Looking Up Into The Sky,

Whatching On How Much You Missed,
All Around,
And Now It Came Down To This,
Dying Here On The Ground,

You Regret What You Have Done This Season,
Hurting Other Flowers Feelings,
And For Doing That You Didn’t Have A Reason,
Now Your Just A Bully With Nothing,

Just A Wilting Flower,
Lieing Here,
Dying Slowly Hour By Hour,
With No Friend Near

More Shayari by Hannah Martin
29 Aug 2008 No Comment

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