Who Could That Be At This Hour As He Opens The Door

Who Could That Be At This Hour, As He Opens The Door,
In Her Hand A Scarf He Left Behind, As The Rain Starts To Pour,
The Doorway To His Heart, Most Pretty Thing He Ever Saw,
From There On Their Eyes Intertwine In A Speechless Awe.

A Never-Ending Story, With Many Pages To Be Written,
A Match-Made In Heaven, Celebrated By Angels From Above,
As Months Passed By, He Would Always Take Photos Of Her,
To Capture Moments Together They Spent In Tender Love.

Finally It Was Their First Anniversary, The Rain Starts To Pour,
He Took The Photos Of Her, Made A Scrapbook With Them,
The Scrapbook Would Be A Gift Which Also Included His Wish,
A Ring To Match Her Sapphire Eyes, It Was Her Favorite Gem.

After A Peaceful Candlelight Dinner And Red-Sweet Wine,
He Wanted To Take One Last And Final Photo For The Book,
Trying To Take A Picture, The Camera’s Batteries Went Dead,
Without Hesitation, She Went Into The Back Room To Look.

Looking Everywhere, High And Low, From Drawer To Drawer,
She Sees Some On The Very Top Shelf And Reaches Over A Bit,
With Misfortune, Instead Knocks Over A Bottle Of Photo Liquid,
Eyes Flooded Not By Tears, As She Tumbles To The Floor.

Rushed To The Hospital, Doctors And Nurses Take Her Away,
His Head Snaps In Agony As Everything Around Turns Gray,
Feeling Absolute Guilt, He Wanted To Know If She Was Ok,
They Wouldn’t Let Him See Her So All He Could Do Was Pray.

Unblemished And Untouched In Every Way,
He Tore The Photos Apart And Threw Them Away,
Every Single One He Had, From First To Last.
All The Memories Of Togetherness Of The Past,

Devouring Herself In Forbidden Ice Cream,
In Utmost Pain And Sorrow, She Had To Scream,
Because Looking Into The Mirror She Would Think Of Him,
Not A Single Word, Not One Phone-Call, Hope Looks Grim.

Then One Autumn Day, She Decides To Go For A Walk,
To Look At The Park And Bench Where They First Met,
She Pauses And Sees Him With A Dog And Sunglasses,
She Remembers It All Now, How Did She Ever Forget,

The Operation, The Transplant, The Dark Room,
He Didn’t Think Twice, The Ultimate Sacrifice,
He Will Always Be In Her Eyes . . .
As The Blind Man Walks Away, She Cries

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