When I Was Little And I Cried

When I Was Little And I Cried
You Lovingly Held Me, And Let The Last Tear Fall,

When I Would Scrape My Knee
You’d Bandage It Up And Say “Be Careful”.

When My Birthday Was Horrible, You Smiled
And Promised The Next Would Be Perfect.

When I Would Lose My Temper,
You Had A Way To Calm Me Down.

When My Friends Left Me Behind,
You Gave Me Ice Cream And Said

“They’ll Come Around”
When I Had A Nightmare

You’d Tuck Me In Your Bed And

Reassured Me You’d Never Let Harm Find Me.
When My 7th Grade Crush Liked Another,

You Made Me See It Was His Loss.
When It Was My Sweet 16

You Threw Me A Party Fit For A Princess.
And Made It A Day I Would Always Remember.

When The Love Of My Life Left Me Alone,
So Sweetly You Said, “This Too Shall Pass.”

When I Broke Your Heart With Disappointment
You Came To Me And Said, “I Still Love You”.

I Know That You Think That I Forgot All This,
And Take All You Sacrificed For Granted,

But That’s Just Not True.
At Times I’m Stubborn, As Well As You,

But Never Doubt For Half A Second That
I Love You.

Although I Am Growing Up And Someday Soon,
I’ll Have To Bandage My Own Knee,

You’ll Always Be The Bet Mother.
And I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl.

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