When Hope Wakes Up Within Me

When Hope Wakes Up Within Me,
I Can Find Myself Dreaming

Of The Flight Of My Soul.
When I Feel Anxiety In My Heart

For That Painful Slavery
That Brings Tears And Desire To Love Again,

I Look For You In The Darkness Of My Mind
And I Recall The Sound Of Your Voice.

When I Feel That Time Has Not Yet
Won Its Battle Against Me…

I Roll All My Thoughts Into A Ball
As If They Were Made Of Paper

And I Abandon These Words To Wander
In A Space Where Your Sight Is Absent.

I Would Like To Forget My Dreams And Sighs
And Drown In This Sea Of Useless Hopes,

I Would Like To Fill My Mouth
With Dust And Earth…

I Would Like To Thrust My Fingernails
Into This Accursed Silence

And Lacerate It To Pieces.
I Am Giving Birth To These Feelings

To Denude My Heart Of A Coldness
That I Have Deep Inside Me…

And To Allow That A Poisonous Sleep
Insinuates Itself Under My Eyelids

More Shayari by Amanush Danny
25 Aug 2021 No Comment 8

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