When, Eyes See, Eyes: Tell, Why We Blush?

When, Eyes See, Eyes: Tell, Why We Blush ?
Why, Pulses Rise? And, Skins Perspire?
Why In Our Veins, Fast Flows A Fire?
Why Senses Melt; And, Ear-Lobes Glow?

Why, Melancholy Makes Us Slow?
Why, We Long Eyeing Endlessly ?
An’ Still Keep Shying, Endlessly?
When, We’re Ever, Distanced As-Such

That, We Can’t See Each-Other Much
When Skies Get Dull, And Stars Get Lost
What Happens Then, That Tortures Us?
When Eyes See Eyes; Tell, Why We Blush?

Why, We Pace-Fast For Rendezvous?
With, Well Set Hair, And Deep-Red Rose?
But, When We Disengage; And Move
Backward; Why, It Shambles? By Jove

Why, When In A Park, We Talk Entwined
Unknowingly, Time Passes Fast ?
When We Feel, It’s Just, A-Few Minutes Passed
Our Watches Tell, It’s Hours Past?

Why, We Can’t See, One’s Simple Blot?
Simple Set-Backs, Enrage Us A Lot?
Oft, Meagre Mishaps, Take Great Tolls?
It’s Simple Counting  Minus-Plus

When Eyes, See Eyes; Tell, Why We Blush?
We’re Over-Conscious; Fears Are False
We’re Over Anxious, At Our Calls
It Appears, We’re, Just, Far Above

Our Mutual Concerns Are, But Love
Let’s Live This Haste! Midst This Mad Rush
When Eyes, See Eyes; Tell, Why We Blush?

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
17 Oct 2008 No Comment 3

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