If You Want To Look At Life,
The Ups And Downs And Various Strife.
Then, My Friend, The Place To Start
Is At Your Local Wal-Mart.

Life Defines A Man, ‘ They Say.
For Those Who Boast And Those Who Pray
Will Find Themselves Behind A Cart
At Their Friendly Wal-Mart.

Poor And Wealthy, Thin And Fat
Know Where All The Good Stuff’s At.
Good Or Bad, They Play A Part,
Those Who Pay At Wal-Mart.

Doctor, Lawyer, Judge Or Foe,
You Will Meet Themon The Go.
From Big Screens, Hoes And Pop Tart.
They Rely On Wal-Mart.

From Big Tycoons To Welfare,
Just Wait, You’ll See Them There.
They Push Their Worries In A Cart,
As They Shop At Wal-Mart.

Some Go To Get Their Hair Done,
In Suits And Ties, You See Them Come.
For Some Life’s Sad, For Others, A Lark.
You’ll Find Themall At Wal-Mart.

Babies Cry While Mothers Shout.
Lovers Sigh And Infants Pout.
From Grass Seed To Reprinted Art,
Discounted Now At Wal-Mart.

Shop-A-Holics Now Unite!
The Time For Buying Is Always Right.
So With Your Savings Now Depart
At Your Local Wal-Mart.

Life Goes On Outside The Store.
Life, Death And So Much More.
On Holidays And Weekly Start,
The Lights Are On At Wal-Mart.

Many Leave Their Sorrows There.
Some Are Rude And Some Show Care.
Some Will Meet While Others Part.
You’ll See Them All At Wal-Mart.

You’ll See Tears And Hear The Laughter.
Cell Phones Buzz With Idle Chatter.
The Dull Witted And Very Smart,
Will Congregate At Wal-Mart.

People Come And Go So Fast.
In The Lines, You’re Always Last.
From Diamond Rings To Knives So Sharp,
It’s Waiting At The Wal-Mart.

Just Pause A Minute And Stand In Awe.
Later, Reflect On What You Saw.
Your Senses Will Get A Jump Start
Observing Life At Wal-Mart.

So, Come On In, Enjoy The Show.
Meet Both Strangers And Those You Know.
Happy Or Sad, Just Grab A Cart,
And I’ll See You There At Wal-Mart

More Shayari by Daniel Lloyd
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