The Fear Of Feeling Vulnerable
Of Letting You See Who Am I And What Makes Me, Me
Keeps Me From Opening Up The Gate,
Keeps Me From Allowing You To Hold The Key.
Sometimes A Small Child In A Woman’s Body;
Sometimes An Open Book For The World To See
Always Afraid That There Will Come A Day
When You Will Walk Away From Me.

I Want So Badly For You To Love Me,
But You Have Already Indirectly Inflicted Pain.
You Have Left My Heart Aching Madly;
You Have Left Me Standing Alone In The Rain.
The Rain, Being The Tears Pouring Down My Cheeks –
Each Drop, Carrying Your Name.
I Have Offered You All That I Have To Give;
I Just Wanted You To Give The Same.

I Have Tried In My Heart To Let You Go,
But Thoughts Of You Consume My Head.
I Try To Understand The Intentional Hurt,
And With That Having Been Said,
I Know What I Have Done To You Is Wrong,
And My Apologies Can Not Take Your Hurt Away,
But I Fell In Love And Now I Don’t Know What To Do
Because I Think Of You Night And Day.

I Am Not Ready To Say Goodbye;
I Need To Know How You Feel.
As Vulnerable As I Do, I Would Imagine,
But We Need To Decide If This Is Something Real.
We Need To Know If There Is A Future For Us
Or If This Is A Fantasy We Have Created.
We Both Need To Let Our Guard Down
And Encompass A Journey That Has Been Long Awaited.

A Decision Does Not Need To Be Made Today,
But We Need To Be Honest And Aware…
That We May Find An Everlasting Love,
Or We May Have Just Shared A Fantastic Affair.
Either Way, I Don’t Want You To Have Regrets;
You Have No Idea How Much I Value You.
No Matter What, You Will Live Within My Heart Forever
This Is A Fact, That I Know To Be True.

by itsshelly 

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment

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