Vicharo Na Vrindavan Ma Man Atvaay Chhe Satat

Vicharo Na Vrindavan Ma Man Atvaay Chhe Satat,
Virah Ma Taari Yaado Thi Man Harkhaay Chhe Satat.

Har 1 Khilti Kali Thi Mehki Ne Kehvaay Chhe Sataa,
Laage Chhe Tari Mahek Mane Anubhavaay Chhe Satat

Har Mehfil Tara Aagman Thi Roshan Thaay Chhe Satat,
Roshan Tara Tej Thi Chaand Anjaay Chhe Satat.

Jene Sarjyu Aa Rup Taaru Te Pastaay Chhe Satat,
Ai Khuda Pan Khudaayi Thi Have Bharmaay Chhe Satat.

Saanj Dhale Ne Xitij Paachhal Suraj Chhupaay Chhe Satat,
Toy Haji Cotaraf Prakaash Taaro Felaay Chhe Satat.

Madhuvan Ma Taari Mahek Thi Man Malkaay Chhe Satat
Har Gulshan Ma Taari Khushbu Relaay Chhe Satat

Manavya Chhata Dil Laagniyo Ma Tanaay Chhe Satat,
Tanayelu Di Prem Ma Phari Phari Hanaay Chhe Satat.

Tu Thukraavish Mara Prem Ne Toy Te Ubhraay Chhe Satat,
Tara Thi Gunjata Hriday Ma Kavita Sarjaay Chhe Satat.

Hasya Na Aavran Ma Jakhmo Dhankaay Chhe Satat,
Paapano Maari Ekant Ma Kadik Bhinjaay Chhe Satat.

Khaamoshiyo Tari Khanjar Bani Bhonkaay Chhe Satat,
Taari Kalpana Thi Tara Vagar Jindagi Jivaay Chhe Satat.

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