Up And Away

With Every Second Of The Slowly Passing Time;
It’s You, And Only You Sweet Love, That’s On My Feeble Mind.

I Love Your Captivating Eyes And Your Beautiful Smile,
Your Cute Mannerisms And Your Adorable Style.

Your Passionate And Intoxicating Kiss, Your Wonderful Embrace;
Life Is Short And Nothing Without You, We Haven’t A Minute To Waste.

Those Luscious Lips, So Soft And Sweet, And Your Oh So Delicious Nape;
Constantly I Long For Another Rendezvous, An Overdue Escape.

Your Hand In My Hand, Smiling From Ear To Ear;
Your Skin Upon My Skin, I Love And Miss Feeling You Near.

Magnificent Sunsets At The Lake, Mailboxes In The Air;
Riding For Hours In The Country, Not One Single Care.

Going Out To Eat, Or Simply Cooking In Your Kitchen;
Smoking On Your Patio, To Dave We’d Always Listen.

The Tone Of Your Voice And The Raising Of Your Brow, Sometimes You’re Such A Tease;
I Wish You Would Surrender, Kiss Me And Touch Me, Doing All That You Please.

Watching Movies On Your Couch And Playing Skip-Bo Too;
Trying Hard To Finish Both, But I Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of You.

Your Sexy, Tight Body And Your Divinely Smooth Skin;
You Arouse All Of My Senses And Make My Head Spin.

Champagne And Strawberries, Chocolate And Cheese;
That Look In Your Eye That Makes Me Damn Weak In My Knees.

Drinking Wine And Making Sweet, Beautiful Love;
Lost Up, Up, And Away, In The Heavens High Above.

Amidst The Candles, Unclothed On Your Floor;
I Want It All Again, And Much Much More.

You And I Together, Tumbling Alone In Your Bed;
Tangled Up And Entertwined, Nothing But Ecstasy Flows Throughout Our Body And Head.

Both Of Our Hearts Racing, Our Bodies Melt Into One;
Feeling Weak And Breathless, Until The Rising Of The Sun.

You Take Me To A Place That No One Ever Has Before;
And No One Else Ever Will Beautiful, It’s You That I Adore.

You Make Me So Happy And Complete My Soul;
Without You As My Heart, I Could Never Feel Whole.

I Miss That Wonderful Feeling, And I Need Your Gentle Touch;
I Want To Kiss You And Hold You, So Damn Much.

I Miss Everything And The Way It Used To Be;
I’d Give Anything For You To Come Fully Back To Me..

If I Could Make A Wish, In Hopes That It’d Come True;
I’d Wish To Spend The Rest Of My Life, Day And Night, With You.

My Love, My Heart, My Everything, You Are Truly My Soulmate;
Brought Together Not By Chance, But By An Undescribable Fate.

You’re The Most Amazing Woman, You Take My Breath Away;
Forever And Beyond This Life, My Love, I’m Here To Stay.

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    12 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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