Do You Truly Understand What It Is To Be Me?

Do You Truly Understand
What It Is To Be Me?
Have You Survived The Ups And Downs
Of A Life Similar To Mine?
Can You Look Me In The Face
And Tell Me, ‘I Know Who You Are.’?

Can You Pinpoint Everything
That Invokes Some Kind Of Emotion In Me?
Do You Have Any Words Or Phrases
That Are The Very Definition Of Me?
Can You List Everything In My Life
That I Hold Valuable?

Do You Know
My Values?
Do You Know
My Goals?
Do You Know
My Beliefs?

Can You Tell Me What I Want Out Of Life?
Can You Tell Me What I’ve Gone Through?
Can You Tell Me What Kind Of Person I Want To Be?
Can You Tell Me How I Feel In Any Given Scenario?

I Already Know The Answer.
You Don’t Have A Clue Who I Am.
You’ve Never Spent A Single Minute In My Place,
Haven’t Spent A Day In My Exact Position.

Yet You Talk About Me
As If You Know The Most Intimate Details Of My Life.
You’ve Barely Scratched The Surface Of Who I Am,
Yet You Act Like You Have Infinite Knowledge Of Me.
You Take What Little You’ve Seen Or Heard From Me
And You Distort It And Pass It Off As Something ‘Credible.’

You Lie.
You Cheat Me Out Of Any Kind Of Friendship.
You Make A Fool Out Of Me And Everyone Else.
Are You Proud Of The Destruction You’ve Caused?

One Day, Your Little Game Will End.
And Since What Goes Up Must Come Down,
You’ll Find Yourself In A Similar Position.
The High Horse You Rode So Proudly
Will Buck You Off And Into The Mud.
Any Kind Of Respect And Recognition You Had
Will Be Gone With The Wind.

More Shayari by Annah Aaron
02 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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