Unquestioned Madness

An Escape Route From Reality Has Been Discovered.
Those Cherishing Their Delusions,
Have Come To Sigh A Breath Of Relief.
A Last Minute Effort To Smother Them With Truth
Was Discovered To Be Too Cruel.
Too Much Of It On Them Released!
And Too Traumatic An Event…
Causing The Advent Of A Massive Anxiety,
Carefully Prevented.

‘Sales Revenue And Holiday Shoppers,
Must Be Protected!
They Must Not Suspect…
A Way Of Life Lived Is Not Accepted.
Shower Them With Christmas Scents,
And Gifts To Pick Throughout All Seasons.’

Fantasies Have Been Extended…
With Unlimited Pretensions Granted For All.
Accountability Has Been Dismissed!
With Permissions Of Accusations,
To Inflict Those Innocent…
With Encouragment.
And To Become Less Appalled,
By Those Left In Gutters Crawling.

‘Free Coupons And Rebates?
A Momentary Payoff For Those Being Ripped Off!
But Kept Flooded With Delusions! ‘

This Is The Bliss That Is Wished By Those Sick!
And Raising Their Voices To Insist A Boasting Lift To This,
Unquestioned Madness Existing.
Is A Quality Of Life Needed,
To Feed Addictions To Defend!
And Nothing On Earth Will Keep Their Beliefs From Them!

More Shayari by Lawrence S. Pertillar
26 Aug 2008 No Comment

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