Unki Aankhon Me Vo Ishaarey Na Rahey

Unki Aankhon Me Vo Ishaarey Na Rahey
Paas Hokar Bhi Woh Hamarey Na Rahey

Beech Manjhdhar La Ke Vo Tou Chale
Koi Ummeed Aur Kinaarey Na Rahey

Vo Hi Dargah Wahi Meri Jannat Hain
Geet Ban Gaye Shikva, Dua Na Rahey

Jo Darkano Me Jhilmil They Khushi Ban Kar
Waqt Ki Gardishon Me Aaj Sitaarey Na Rahey

Chah Seene Mein Lub Pe Aah Liye
Kya Kahen Hum Bahaney Na Rahey

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