Unke Ak Jaan Nisar

Unke Ak Jaan Nisar Hum Bhee Hain
Hain Jahan Sao Hajar Hum Bhee Hain

Tum Bhee Bechain Hum Bhee Bechain Hain ,
Tum Bhee Ho Bekarar Hum Bhee Hain

Hain Jhan Sao Hajar Hum Bhii Hain
Yeh Falak Dekh To Kya Irada Hain

Aish Ke Ischuk Hum Bhii Hain
Unke Ekk Jaan Nisar Hum Bhii Hain

Sehar Khali Kyia Yeh Dukan Kiasi Hain
Ekk Hi Yada Khwar Hum Bhii Hain

Sharam Samje Tere Tagafull Ko
Waah, Kya Hosiyaar Hum Bhii Hain

Hai Jahan Sao Hajar Hum Bhii Hain
Unke Ekk Jaan Nisar Hum Bhii Hain

Tum Apne Apne Jidd Ke Ho Aashiq
Apne Matlab Ke Yaar Hum Bhii Hain

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