Universe Collides

The Milky Way Mistress Sits On Her Cloud.
Staring At Her Book And Reading Poems Aloud.

All Of A Sudden A Whoosh Comes Trailing By.
Nearly Upsetting Her And Making Her Cry.

There In The Shadow Stood A Glorious God.
Muscles So Huge It Made Her Feel Odd.

Her Head Was Spinning As The Planet Rotated.
She Could Barely Breath And Became Irritated.

How Can A Stranger Cause Feelings Of Being Free.
She Wanted Him And It Was Such A Mystery.

He Needed Directions To The Planet Zoron.
He Opened His Mouth And Was A Complete Moron.

His Body Was A Piece Of Chiseled Work
But The More He Talked He Became A Jerk.

Spoken Like Fire She Banished Him Gone.
She Couldn’t Stand Stupidity For Very Long.

She Sat On Her Cloud In Thought And Daydreams.
Spinning A Fantasy Of Pleasurable Themes.

Being The Quiet Elusive, Friendly Type.
She Didn’t Buy Into The Flirty Hype.

She Wishes On Stars And Dreams From Afar
Wishing She Could Be More Outgoing By Far.

She Doesn’t Love Easy But Her Passion Is There.
Waiting For Someone To Dazzle Her Near.

She Wants A Man To Challenge Her Heart.
Not Think Her Unworthy Or Not Very Smart.

The Milky Way Mistress Pondered These Things.
She Needed Advice And Words With No Sting.

She Picked Up Her Cell Phone And Started To Call.
The One Person That Knew Her Best Of All.

The Sweet Tart Slut Answered In Glee.
I Am So Happy You Called Me.

The Milky Way Mistress Was A True Friend Indeed.
They Never Argued Even Though They Were Different As Can Be.

The Sweet Tart Slut Smiled So Cheerfully.
Alluring With A Charming Mystery.

A Promise Of Sweetness He Was Compelled.
My God He Thought He Was Going To Hell.

Little Did He Know After He Was Hooked.
Her Tartness Would Explode And He Was Completely Shook.

It Never Failed She Would Reel Him Back In.
Sweetly Embracing With A Tarty Lacing.

Ever So Compelled She Would Carry On.
Spreading Her Wildly Saucy Charms.

Not 1or,2or,3or, 4
The Line Of Men Hung By Her Door.

They Waited Eagerly Wanting So Much More.
So The Sweet Tart Slut Was Never Bored.

The Two Best Friends When Put Together.
Were A Complete Force That Could Not Be Measured.

A Warning To All The Danger Is There.
All Men In The Universe Must Beware

More Shayari by Stacey Watts
29 Aug 2008 No Comment 3

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