U Noe It..

Sumtimes I Think, U R Not Da One 4 Me,
Most Of Da Times I Realise, No One Can Be More Perfect,,
Sumtimes I Think, My Feelings 4 U Is Just Affection,
Most Of Da Times I Realise, Ur Love 4 Me Is Genuinely Pure..
Sumtimes I Tink, I’m Just A Spoilt Bitch..
Most Of Da Times I Realise, Ur Love Is Da One Dat Spoiled Me..
Sumtimes I Tink, I’m Just Too Hot..
Most Of Da Times I Realise,Holding Ur Hands Makes Me Even Hotter..
Sumtimes I Tink, I’m A Total Nutcase..

Most Of Da Times I Realise, Without U, I’l B Even A Worse One..
Sumtimes I Tink, V Realy Shudnt B Together,
Most Of Da Times I Realise, Wat Is Life If V R Not Together..
Sumtimes I Tink, R V Gona Last Long?
Most Of Da Times I Realise, I Dun Giv A Dam Bout It..
Sumtimes I Tink, Do I Really Love U?
Most Of Da Times I Realise, U Perfectly Know Da Answer

by i_lov_hm 

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04 Oct 2017 No Comment 1

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