Tyranny of Fear

Slowly My Eyes Opened To A Haze Of Greys
Unformed Shapes Appeared Like Out Of A Mist
My Eyes Burning, Stinging, Filled With Tears
I Could See People Talking But Could Not Hear

Suddenly A Face Appeared Before Mine
Was It A Male Or Female I Did Not Know
Its Lips Moved, It Spoke, There Was No Sound
I Felt No Pain, Just The Bright Light Above

Was I Dead? Please Dear God Let It Be So
I Cannot Bear This Pain Inflicted On Me
Let It End, Be Merciful And Take Me With You
My God Has No Mercy, He Lets Me Suffer

How Long Have I Been Here Days Or Weeks
I Cannot Move But Now I Can Feel The Pain
Doctors And Nurses Hurriedly Come And Go
They Feed Me, Bleed Me And Clean Up My Mess

Now I Can Understand, At Least Of Sorts
My Head Aches From The Unending Questions
I Cannot Speak Just Nod Or Shake My Head
I Want To Shout That I Don’t Know Anything

Now The Police Arrive To Ask More Questions
The Policeman Comes To Stand Beside The Bed
Seeing My Look Of Fear And The Policewoman
Steps Forward With A Smile To Take His Place

Questions, More Questions, Even More Questions
I Cannot Understand, What Has Happened To Me?
They Too Give Up And Slowly Turn To Leave.
I Wish I Could Speak, To Ask What Is Happening

It Has Been Weeks But Now I Can Make Noises
The Police Once More, To Tell Me What They Know
They Ask Me To Tell Them What Has Happened
How Can I Tell Something I Don’t Even Know

Many Weeks Have Passed But Now I Am Learning
Not Only What Happened, But How To Really Cry
I Now Angrily Curse My Upbringing And My Values
My Vow Said “for Better Or Worse” So I Cannot Leave

Many Years Later The Nurses Know Me So Well
Like A Faithful Pet I Keep Returning Again And Again
I Am Sure I Must Weigh Kilos More That I Should
With All The Metal Plates And Screws Inside Of Me

Now At Last I Am Free From The Tyranny Of Fear
Free To Start Our Life Anew With My Children
It Takes Time To Heal, I Know That So Very Well
But Heal I Will, Both Mentally And Physically

I Think It Be Too Soon For Me To Look For Love
I Just Hope It Is Not Too Late When I Am Ready
For Like A Teen I Want And Need To Be Loved
I Have Much To Give If I Am Given The Chance

More Shayari by Rikki Rae
08 Jul 2008 No Comment

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