Two Cows Deconstruct Derrida

These Two Cows Were Ruminating
And One Says, I Was Listening
To The Milkmaid’s Transistor
And This French Philosopher
Was Explaining That There’s
No English Translation Of The French Word
‘betise’ Except ‘stupidity’ But

‘stupidity’ Only Refers To Man
Where The French ‘betise’ Means
To Behave Like An Animal…

And The Other Cow Says
Well What’s Wrong With That

And The First Cow Says
Well His Point Is, English Cows
Can’t Be Stupid; Only Man
Can Be Stupid..

And The Other Cow Says
Well That’s A Relief Then
So Does That Mean That French Cows
Can Be Stupid

And The First Cow Says
No Because They Don’t Have A Word For It
In French

So The Other Cow Says
So Then Is It Better To Be
An English Cow
That Can’t Be Stupid
Or A French Cow
That Can’t Be Called Stupid

And The First Cow Says
Who Cares, I’ve Always Said
The French Ruminate Too Much
And Then Talk Bullshit…

And The Other Cow Says
I’m Glad I’m English

What About That French Milkmaid
I Call Sexyhands But
The Farmer Sometimes Calls
A Silly Cow I Wonder What
Derrida Would Say About That

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    03 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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