Tumko Bhool Jaun

Tumko Bhool Jaun Ye Namumkin Si Baat Hai,
Tumko Na Ho Yakeen Ye Aur Baat Hai,

Jab Tak Rahegee Saas Tab Tak Rahogey Yaad ,
Ye Saas Toot Jaye To Aur Baat Hai.

Mere Chehrey Ki Muskurahat Par Mat Jao,
Ye To Ek Parda Hai Gumey Dil Ko Chupaaney Key Liye.

Mey Aasuon Sey Kaha Tanhai Mey Aaya Karo,
Mehfil Mey Hamara Mazak Mat Udaya Karo,

Aasu Bole Mehfil Mey Tumhey Hi Tanha Paatey Hai,
Isi Liye Saath Deney Chaley Aatey Hain.

Wafa Seekhni Hai To Phoolon Sey Sikho,
Jo Daal Sey Tootney Key Baad Murjha Jaatey Hai.

Mey Sharabi Hoon Sharab Chodu Kaisey,
Ye Bhoolati Hai Gum Es Botal Ko Todu Mey Kaisey,

Peeney Key Baad Bhi Pyaas Baki Hai Merey Dil Me,
Sochti Hoon Ki Es Botal Ko Nichodu Kaise.

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07 May 2019 No Comment 19

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