Tum Mere Nahin Ho

Tum Mere Nahin Ho Is Dil Ko Main Samjhaooon Kaise
Sunhari Yaadain Tumhari Main Dil Se Mitaaoon Kaise

Jaane Kab Chupke Se Aan Base Tum Mere Man Main
Bas Tum Hi Tum Ho Wahan Tumko Main Dikhaaoon Kaise

Har Shaam De Kar Jaati Hai Mujhe Dard Ki Tanhaaiyaan
Har Subah Deti Hai Nayi Ummedain Unhe Bujhaaoon Kaise

Zindagi Jee Rahi Hoon Main Ek Benaam Si Saza Ki Tarah
Rooth Gaya Hai Jo Khuda Us Ko Main Manaaoon Kaise

Ya Rab Na Kat Sakega Safar-E-Zindagi Kisi Aur Ke Humraah
Ye Baat Dil Ki Main Us Sitamgar Ko Samjhaaoon Kaise

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04 Dec 2008 No Comment 27

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