Tum Kis Ko Sacha Pyar Kehti Ho

Tum Kis Ko Sacha Pyar Kehti Ho
Kaisay Keh Sakti Ho Tum

Keh Jisay Tum Aaj Chahti Ho
Usay Tum Sacha Piyar Kerti Ho

Aaj Tum Us Per Apni Jaan Nichawar Kerti Ho
Us Ko Apna Sab Kuch Maanti Ho

Laikin Kal Agar
Wohi Tumhain Dhoka Day

Tumharay Aitbaar Ko Thais Puhunchai
Aur Tum Us Say Nafrat Kernay Lago

Us Waqat Tumharay Sachay Piyar Ka Kia Hoga
Kyonkeh Sacha Piyar To Kabhi Marta Nahin

To Phir Yeh Kaisa Sacha Piyar Hay
Jo Ek Pal Main Hi Naftrat Main Badal Gaya

Zara Socho
Sacha Piya Kia Hay

Aur Kia Tum Us Say Such Much Sacha Piyar Kerti Ho

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08 Aug 2016 5 Comments 104

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  1. kavitarao says:

    me to sacha pyar samajhti bhi hu or karti bhi huitna sacha pyar ki chahe wo mujhe jinda jamin me bhi gadd de na to bhi me unse apni akhri saso tk sacha pyar karti rahungi i love u kamal kaha h aap

  2. vipul says:

    sweet love story Sweet Love Story: A Boy Never Does Homework
    In Class
    To Get Punishment Of Bending
    …On His Knees;
    In Front Of ‘Her’ Bench
    Just To See Her For Whole Period… ♥ Gets Scoldings From His Parents;
    Coz He Reaches Late Everyday,
    Just To Ensure That She Has Reached
    Home Safely Or Not… ♥ Skips His Lunch
    & Pretends To Be Studying In
    The Interval;
    Just To See Her Eating The Food… =) Walks By Foot To The Home Instead
    Of Taking A Bus;
    Just To Save Money To Buy
    Chocolates For Her..” ♥ =)

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