Tujhe Apne Dil Se

Tujhe Apne Dil Se,Mitaaun Kaise
Ab Aag Paani Mein,Lagaaun Kaise

Woh Kehti Hai Nazaren Milaana Mumkin Nahin Ab Toh,
Bas Chuki Hai Nazaron Mein Woh,Kisi Aur Se Milaaun Kaise

Ab Aag Paani Mein
Palke Jhukengi,Aur Tere Khwaab Aayenge Beshumaar,

Bataa Neend Aankhon Se Ab,Churaaun Kaise
Ab Aag Paani Mein

Yeh Sacch Hai,Ke Woh Zyaatti Kar Rahi Hai Mujhse,
Par Yeh Ilzaam Bhi,Us Maasoom Par Lagaaun Kaise

Ab Aag Paani Mein
Mujhe Dil Ki Zidd Par,Kaabu Paana Hoga Anees,

Koi Tarkeeb Bataa,Dil Ko Samjhaaun Kaise
Ab Aag Paani Mein

“Aman’ Janaaza Gujre,Us Shokh Ki Gali Se Apna,
Itna Haq Toh Banta Hai,Magar Jataaun Kaise

Tujhe Apne Dil Se,Mitaaun Kaise
Ab Aag Paani Mein,Lagaun Kaise

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11 Dec 2008 No Comment 12

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