Tufaan Hazaaroan Aatae Hain

Tufaan Hazaaroan Aatae Hain
Jo Roand Kae Dil Ko Jaatae Hain

Kiya Zikr Kabhi Unka Bhi Hoa
Jo Lehroan Main Beh Jaatae Hain

Khismat Main Yehi Kuch Hona Tha
Hum Dil Ko Yehi Samjhaatae Hain

Hum Unka Bharoasa Kaesae Karaen
Jo Raahoan Main Bikjaatae Hain

Chatae Hain Hawaasoan Main Sabki
Mehfil Main Rung Jamaatae Hain

Mehman Ki Khaatir Khoob Karo
Kab Phir Wo Dubaara Aatae Hain

Jo Auroan Ko Tardpaatae Hain
Wo Apnae Munh Ki Khaatae Hain

Jo Aatae Hain Shaetaan Ki Tareh
Hum Logoan Ko Behkaatae Hain

Wo Daekh Kae Apna Hi Chehra
Khud Aap Sae Hi Sharmaatae Hain

Wo Kerkae Bahaanae Laakh Ae Raz
Man Apna Hi Behlaatae Hain

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