Trusting The Empty Darkness

Trusting The Empty Darkness, I Let The Pain Engulf Me.
The Distressed Little Girl Inside Me Came Out.

Her Eyes Were Brimmed With The Tears Etched In Her Life Forever.
He Heart Was A Jagged Shape.

She Had Given Love, But Never Received Any.
The Little Cried Loudly Into The Night,

But Everyone Else Was Deaf To Her Anguish.
No One Could Hear Her Despair, Her Pain.

No One Could See Her Tear-Filled, Innocent Face.
No One. The Little Girl Looked Out Into The Night,

Hoping To Find The Moon. Just Hoping.
But All She Found Was An Empty Dark Sky,

A Mirror To Her Life, Empty Of The Beauty Of Love.
Even The Moon Had Betrayed Her.

Even The Light Of The Moon Had Failed To Wash Her
With A Small Flutter Of Hope.

The Little Girl Searched For The Brightest Star,
And On It She Wished… “please Let Someone Love.

Please Take Me Away From My Despair.” ….
She Had Wished Every Night….And Every Night,

Her Heart Kept Sinking Lower And Lower,
And The Little Butterfly Of Hope Flew Further

And Further Away. Fresh Hot Tears Spilled On The Floor,
And She Knew…love Was Nothing But An Ocean Of Tears.

Love Was Nothing But A Mirage…it Was Nothing
But The Death Of A Soul After Being Rejected.

There Is No Such Thing As Love…only Hate…anger…anguish…but No Love.
Failing To See The Rays Of Hope And Dawn Begin To Peek Around The Sky,

The Little Girl Quietly Buried Herself Back Into The World Of Darkness….
Back Into The Valley Of Loneliness…back To Putting On A Façade Of Happiness….
Until The Next Night…when She Would Be Allowed To Cry Silently Again

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