Town Life

Behind The Orange Clouds The Sun Begins Its Work,
The Sleeping Town Wakes To Life Once Again Today.
The Terrific Traffic Noises Of The Automobiles Rent Up The Air,
Boys And Girls, Men And Women Move Fast In Buses And Cars.
The Sound And Smoke Of Moving Machines Pollute The Place.
When The Bustling Of The Banks And Business Shops,
Restaurants And Hotels Reach A Feverish Pitch,
The Day Travels Through The Hottest Path Of The Sun.

Like The Steam Engines Making A Sigh Of Relief
Men Take Coffee And Smoke In The Work Breaks,
As If The Already Polluted Air Needing Final Touches
Here And There Near The Petty Shops On The Pavements.
Then Politics And Cinemas Are The Gossip Of The People –
Corruption, Inflation, Adulteration And Election,
Politics, Sex, Violence, Song And Action,
And The Convoluted Conversations Go On These And More.

After Sometime A Long Snake-Like Procession Going
Through Lanes And Streets Captures The Attention.
People Representing Colleges, Courts, Offices And Hospitals
For Some Reasons Said Above Are Going On Strike.
The Slogans They Shout To The Top Of Their Voice,
But Who Is There To Give Them Relief,
When The Population Is Too Much To Bear?

At Noon When The Sun Is At The Zenith,
Outgo All The People For The Lunch.
They Rush To The Restaurants And Cafeterias As In A Race,
But It’s Beyond The Scope Of The Owner To Cope With.
The Food And Water Are Adulterated And Contaminated,
But It’s Left To The People To Take Or Leave Them.

In The Evening Like A Mass Exodus To Reach Home,
Men Come Out Of The Mills And Other Institutions.
Like The Birds Finally Flying To Their Nests In The Trees,
They Rush Home To Think About Their Evening Entertainments.

On The Way Once Fertile Fields Are Seen Converted Into Plots
For Constructing Buildings Of Industries, Apartments, Etc.;
Healing Eucalyptus Trees And Cooling Coconut Trees
Are Disappearing Day By Day In This Fertile Land Of Paradise;
Once Famous Exotic Trees With Yellow, Orange And Red
Flowers Too Are Vanishing From The View Forever;
Such Is The Case Papaya, Lemon And Guava Trees Too Go Away Soon;
And Jasmine, Lily And Rose Flower Plants Too Disappear From Sight!

Devoid Of Any Taste For Nature, Culture And Literature,
People Run For Cinemas And Bar Shops In The Evenings;
With Liquor Glass In Hand And Cigarette In Mouth,
Many Drink And Smoke To Say Amen To The Day;
And Many Unable To Find Heaven Anywhere Go Out
To Fall To Brothels To Seek For It All The Night In Vain.

Soon Failing In All Their Attempts They Become Lunatics
And Endlessly Roam In The Streets Shouting As Dogs.
Some Out Of Frustration Become Drug Addicts And
Lie Down Here And There Like Litters Uncared For.
Born And Bred In Pollution People Prefer
To Live And Pass Away In Uncontrolled Pollution.
So Goes The Town Life In Filth, Dirt And Diseases.
And Behind The White Clouds The Moon And Stars
Watching These Mind Their Work Without Any Care

More Shayari by Ramesh T A
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