Today Is The Tomorrow I Worried About Yesterday

Today Is The Tomorrow I Worried About Yesterday
And Today Was Such A Lovely Day,

That I Wondered Why I Worried About Today Yesterday
So Today I Am Not Going To Worry About Tomorrow

There May Not Be A Tomorrow Anyway
So Today I Am Going To Live As If There Is No Tomorrow

And I Am Going To Forget About Yesterday.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Planned For Yesterday

And Nearly All My Plans For Today Did Not Plan Out The Way I Thought They Would Yesterday
So Today I Am Forgetting About Tomorrow And I Will Plan For Today

But Not Too Strenuously
Today I Will Stop To Smell A Rose

I Will Tell A Loved One How Much I Love Her
I Will Stop Planning For Tomorrow And Plan To Make Today The Best Day Of My Life.

Today Is The Tomorrow I Was Afraid Of Yesterday
And Today Was Nothing To Be Afraid Of

So Today I Will Banish Fear Of The Unknown
I Will Embrace The Unknown As A Learning Experience Full Of Exciting Opportunities

Today, Unlike Yesterday I Will Not Fear Tomorrow.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Dreamed About Yesterday

And Some Of The Dreams I Dreamt About Yesterday Came True Today
So Today I Am Going To Continue Dreaming About Tomorrow

And Perhaps More Of The Dreams I Dream Today Will Come True Tomorrow.
Today Is The Tomorrow I Set Goals For Yesterday

And I Reached Some Of Those Goals Today
So Today I Am Going To Set Slightly Higher Goals For Today And Tomorrow

And If Tomorrow Turns Out To Be Like Today
I Will Certainly Reach All Of My Goals One Day!

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