To Tell You That I Like You

I’m Sorry
That I Bought You Roses
To Tell You That I Like You

I’m Sorry
That I Was Raised With Respect
Not To Sleep With You When You Were Drunk

I’m Sorry
That My Body’s Not Ripped Enough
To ‘Satisfy’ Your Wants

I’m Sorry
That I Open Your Car Door,
And Pull Out Your Chair Like I Was Raised

I’m Sorry
That I’m Not Cute Enough
To Be ‘Your Guy’

I’m Sorry
I Don’t Have A Huge Bank Account
To Buy You Expensive Things

I’m Sorry
I Like To Spend Quality Nights At Home
Cuddling With You, Instead Of At A Club

I’m Sorry
That I Am Always The One You Need To Talk To,
But Never Good Enough To Date

I’m Sorry
That I Am There To Pick You Up At 4am When Your New Man Hit You And Dropped You Off In The Middle Of Nowhere,
But Not Good Enough To Listen To Me When I Need A Friend

I’m Sorry
If I Start Not Being There, And Being Used As A Door Mat, Only To Be Thrown To The Side When The New Jerk Comes Around

I’m Sorry
If I Don’t Answer My Phone Anymore When You Call, To Listen To You Cry For Hours, Instead Of Getting A Couple Hours Of Sleep Before Work

I’m Sorry That You Can’t Realize.. I’ve Been The One All Along.

I’m Sorry
If You Read This And Know Somebody Like This
But Don’t Care

But Most Of All

I’m Sorry
For Not Being Sorry Anymore

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