To Me Love Is Being With You

To Me, Love Is Being With You It Is Looking Into Your Eyes
It Is Spending A Whole Day With You And Still Dreading Our Goodbyes.
Love Is Laying In Your Yard And Staring At The Stars
Love Is Like A Bandage Healing My Old Scars

Love Is Sitting On Your Bed Each With Our Own Spoon
And Eating Strawberry Ice Cream Then Looking At The Moon
Love Is Playing Bumper Boats While Swimming In Your Pool
Love Is Playing Darts With You And Acting Like A Fool

Love Is Spending Time With You No Matter What We Do
Love Is Anything At All As Long As It Takes Two
Love Is Planning Out Our Lives While Sitting On Your Bed
Love Is Knowing You Will Catch Every Tear That I May Shed

Love Is Feeling Beautiful When All My Makeup’s Gone
Love Is Laughing At You When I Make You Yawn
Love Is Knowing You’ll Be There Whenever I May Call
Love Is Giving Everything To You, My All In All

Love Is Watching Fear Factor Every Friday Night
Love Is Seeing My Future And With You It Looks So Bright
Love Is Eating Chinese Food Until Our Stomachs Hurt
Love Is The Look In Your Eyes When I Wear Your Favorite Shirt

Love Is Being Rescued By You, My Fearless Knight
Love Is Being In Your Arms Where Everything Feels Right
Love Is Holding Hands With You Wherever We May Go
Love Is What I Feel With You, With You It’s All I Know

Love Is When You Kiss My Hand Just Like In Storybooks
Love Is When My Knees Grow Weak From One Of Your Sweet Looks
Love Is When You Kiss Me And The Whole World Fades Away
Love Is Knowing You Are Mine And That You’re Here To Stay

I Didn’t Know What Love Was Until You Came Along
Now I Could Go On Forever Cuz These Feelings Are So Strong

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03 Feb 2020 No Comment 8

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