Tomorrow Is Another Day,
Soon It Will Come
And Then,
It Will Pass,

Time Is Linear,
Memory The Past
Circular And Moving
The Vector Through Which

So Many Lines Of Thought
Illusions Are Sought,
Fantasies Dance,
Dreams Of Repose

Rupture And Spill From
One Dimenion To Another
Seeds Erupting
Hallowing The Soil Of History

Mystery Of Psyche
Yeast Of Ideas,
Sprout Leaves Of Languages,
Speak, Curse And Swear

Converse And Yell,
Laugh And Cry Out,
Warble And Marvel In Verble,
Of Before And Ago

Now And Then Of This And That
And Tit For Tat, Empathize, Sympathize
Socialize In Medias
Elecrtonically Inspired, Biologically Desired,

Intervals Of Time, Event In Mime
And Music Sublime, Strike Chords
Deepen The Essence Of Time,
Ecstasy Of Now, Joy Of Tomorrow

Alas Tied To The Pole Of Convention
Habit And Familiar, Life Too Short
Time For The Mortal
In Time Will Abort

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04 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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