Those Of Creative Inclinations

I Love It
When Those Who Perceive
My Ceative Sensibilities
Exposes A Sensitivity,
That Implies A Character Weakness.
Those Of Creative Inclinations Are Often Compared.
With Limp Wrists And Tea Cups!

But There Are Very Few I Now Know Or Then Knew,
Who Were Shy To Tell Anyone A Thing Or Two…
Or Where To Go!
Anyone Connected To This Creative Process Knows…
It Is Not A Joke.
Not This Process Carefully Invoked…
To Provoke A Higher Consciousness.

Growing Older Makes One Aware,
Of The Strength Involved In This!

Nor Made Of Fluff Are These Creative Disciplines.
The Only Ones Who Believe They Are…
Are Those Who Have Unruly Children.
And Have Themselves Disconnected…
From The Creations Of Their Realities.
Wishing To Perceive,
Those Of Creativity Are Lazy!
Which For The Most Part,
Has Been Reluctantly Failures Man Made!
To Get A Quick Buck.
To Find Themselves At Dead Ends…
And Out Of Luck!
Shall I Say…
On Their ‘Lazy’ Butts.

Remove The Creative Process Out Of Schools…
And The Manufacturing Of Fools Are Produced.
But Then Again…
I Need Not To Say That Today,
Do I

More Shayari by Lawrence S. Pertillar
01 Sep 2008 No Comment

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