Those Days Have Gone days

Those Days Have Gone days Of Sadness And
Despair shattered Hopes And Fluttering Fortunes…

When There Was No One To Care, But Had So Much To Share.
I Put My Heart On Paper Soaking In The Ocean Of Tears…

I Cried I Cried Till All The Tears Dried Out…
Even The Tears Have Left Me But Not My Pain.

One Moment Of Love, One Moment Of Caress Just To Know That
Some One Cares…that Is All I Needed To Live For Years

Together With My Heart Full Of Pain… But I Never Felt Like It…
Hours Of Darkness Filled Me With Tears.

Red Were My Eyes That Fought The Dark Lonely Nights
With Your Memories On Mind. Tears Dropped Like Rain.

Alas! I Could Never Find A Rainbow.
I Turned The Pages Of My Heart And Searched For The Memories That

I Could Cherish And Live On…never Did I Manage To Find One.
Words Of Love That Flew From My Heart Are Only For You.

Even They Could Feel The Pain But U Could Never Understand…
Words That Broke The Shackles Of Pain And Hurt Got Along To Reach You.

I Wish They Could Reach Your Heart And Sing A Song Of Love…
If Only You Could Think About Me For A While I Wouldn’t Be Feeling So Bad…

For All My Efforts And Pain If Only You Could Spare A Moment Of Love For Me,
I Wouldn’t Have Been Sitting Alone Weeping…words Are Hard To Come By…

Feelings Have Filled My Heart… And Now It Can’t Take Any More…
Tears Have Dried Up…i Wont Cry Any More…i Want To Share Some Thing

But No One Who Really Care…feeling Of Loneliness Is Killing Me…
Those Days Have Gone Perhaps…days Of Sadness And Despair,
As My Soul Also Wants To Leave Me I Feel Alone

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11 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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