This Is

Our Love Has Exploded Into An Atmosphere Of Orbit Romance,
Far Beyond In Another Galaxy Of Stars And Moons
Our Hearts Became One In The Autumn Of A Game
Room When You Asked Me To Be Your Friend,
There After My Heart Skipped A Beat Every Time
“You Walked In The Room,” Sending Impulses
Through My Physic Like A Bundle Of Shooting Stars In Space.
Soon We Found What You Were Seeking The Same As I.
Together We Have Explored The Milky Way,
Been There And Back Again,
Grown As One In Everything We Do And Say.
Lips Meeting, Tongues Dancing, Kisses So Sweet Like The Bee That Makes Honey.
Phenomenal Explosions Reaching Heights Of Passion
Beyond Our Reach And Totally Out Of Control.
Taking Our Love To Rainbows Of Unbridled Passion.

They Say That “Love Songs Last Longer Than Lovers Ever Do,”
‘That Love Is Merely An Illusion,’ Well That Left To Be Seen,
‘Our Love’ Like A Towering Inferno,
A Sprinkle Or Stars,
Miracles Of Lost And Now Found For Eternity Painted In
The Heavens You Can See The Love That Flows Between You And Me.

We Run With The Four Winds That Blow Lonely,
And Swim The 7 Seas That Run Wild,
Fly Like The Eagle To Heights Of Awesome Wonder.
We Explore One Another Where Angels Fear To Tread,
Enhancing Every Moment Of Our Passionate And Intense Love Making.
Your Soft Touch Calms My Very Soul As I Do Yours.
We Have Given To Each Other The Miracle Of
Exploration Into A Depth Of No Return And Far Beyond Here.

Our Days Are Blessed With Solitude And Wonderous Gifts From Above Far From Our Reach,
A Sunray To Warm Our Day,
A Raindrop To Clear The Dust From Our Minds,
A Rainbow To Color Each Passing Day,
A Snowflake To Cool The Anger Within,
A Pale Moon Shining Through Our Window At Night To Lighten Our Dreams,
The Evening Star, Wish I May, Wish I Might, Make Our Dream Come True Tonight,
A Seashell To Hear The Ocean As She Rushes To And From The Shore,
A Garden Of Flowers In Colors Of Pink, Yellow And Blue!
For This Is Love,
This Is “You” And This Is “Me!”

You Would Say, “I Wish There Were Another Word For Love,”
As What Is Within Me Is More Than Just Love.
“Yes! My Princess That May Be So, And I Feel The Same To”.
“You Have Mesmerised Me With Your Gentle And Ever
Giving Love And I Wish To Do The Same In Return For You.”
Girl, I Only Want To Be With You, I Hope Some Day You Will Feel It To
, When I Look In Your Eyes I Go Out Of My Mind, Girl I’m Crazy, Bout…Crazy Bout You!
I Love You, Now, Then, Tomorrow, Always And Eternally As You Do I.
This Is “You” This Is “Me” Angel!

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