Things Have Changed

Her Feelings For Him Are Obscure,
They Both Know Things Are To Be Different.

She Never Knew How Much His Love Is,
But She Knew There Wont Be A Future For Such A Relationship.

He Doesn’t Know All The Battles Of Her Own Spirit,
No, He Doesn’t Know Anything At All.

She Never Tried To Express Her Exhausting Soul,
She Never Wanted Anyone To Know,
But Through It All, She Never Went Off The Edge.

She Is The Boss Of Herself,
She Has Set Priorities From This Day Onwards,
And No One To Be Between Them.

Life For Her Isn’t A Game No More,
She’s Face To Face With Reality,
And No More Sacrifices To Be Made.

He Says He Understands Her,
Shall He Not Expect The Unexpected,
She’s Different

More Shayari by Petra Tawfik
    08 Jul 2021 No Comment 7

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