They Say We Can’t Be Friends

They Say We Can’t Be Friends
No Matter How New The Trends
From Darkness Till Dawn
We?ll Keep Fighting On And On

The Sun May Turn Blue
A Broken Heart May Glue
But Our Chances In Friendship?
Are None In Few

We’ll Curse Eachother
We’ll Fight, Not Pretend
Me Libran U Scorpio
Man It Doesn’t Seem To End

We’ll Tie Different Knots
Of Thinkings And Thoughts
But Still They’ll Tease Us Together
Which We’ll Hate Forever

But It?s Time To Hold On
Its Time To Be Cool
The One Who Agrees All Above
Is A Very Big Fool

Yes We Do Fight
Situation When Comes
We Call Each Other By Words
Like Dodos And Bums

V Hurt Each Other
N Made Each Other Cry
Then Y Do We Bother
And Y Do Try?

Things May Have Gone Bad
Things May Again Go Bad
But Still Having U With Me
Will Really Make Me Feel Glad

Plz Don’t Feel Bad
When They Tease Us Together
I’ll Keep On Telling Them
U Deserve Much Better

They Say I Can?t Walk Properly
So Can’t Do Nething Special For U
But Maybe They Don?t Know
I Once Painted The Sky Purple For U

I Have Tried Hard
I?ll Try Much Harder
To Make U Feel Good
To Make U Feel Much Better

I Promise To U
I?ll Never Say Bye
Coz When That Day Comes
I Think I?m Gonna Die

Well It’s Time To End It Now
It?s Time To Write A New One
So Untill Next Time
Keep Smiling And Have Fun.

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