There Is No Tomorrow

Seems, I Can’t Reveal My Feelings
For Fear To Break The Glass
As The Truth That Sings Of My Soul
Tips The Fragile Balance Of Intimacy
And Forever Threatens To Shatter Our Bond

But Perhaps This Is The Means To The End
Because, Like A Bull In A China Shop
You’ve Wreaked Havoc Upon My Tender Heart
Dashing My Hopes, Trampling Dreams
Tearing Down The Fragile Walls Of My Self-Esteem

You’ve Kept Me Swinging Like A Pendulum
In A Never Ending Sway Of Emotion
Years Of Volleying My Heart
Between Ecstatic Joy And Piercing Sorrow
Only To Leave Me Confused And Exhausted

Seems, All I’ve Ever Known Is Your Fantasies
The Ragged Breath That Assaulted My Senses
The Urgent Kisses That Ravished My Lips
But True Sentiment, You Simply Could Not Give
As Your Heart Can’t Beat With A Love It Does Not Feel

No, I’ve Never Known The Joys Of Your Affection
And I’m Denied The Simple Favors Shown To Others
And While I’m Consumed By Flames Of Passion
You Burn Only With The Fire Of Perpetual Lust
Preferring Pleasures Of The Flesh Above All Else

Ah, The Road To Loving You Has Been Hard
And, Letting You Go Is Harder Still
For Each Day I Fight This Irrational Need For You
And I Struggle To Push Forward Without Breaking
In A Battle Against My Own Internal Demons

Yes, I Could Walk Away And Allow Myself Anger
For The Years Of Baiting And Taunting Of My Emotions
For The Hope Of Love And Acceptance, That You Dangled Beyond My Reach
All Knowing Full Well, That You Would Not Offer Love
Yet Still, You Held Your Obsessions Above Regard For My Heart

But I Will Not Harbor Resentments, Or Waste My Time With Anger
The Damage Is Done And I Will Carry The Weight Of This Heavy Heart
For The First Time, In A Long Time, I See Through The Eyes Of Reality
The Dreams Of Yesterday Are Gone Forever, Sweetheart
And There Is No Tomorrow

More Shayari by Leria Hawkins
29 Aug 2008 No Comment 1

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