The Wife

I Sit There
Not A Sound
Not A Tear
Mocking Myself

Your Such A Cutter
Your So Weak
You Can’t Handle Your Problems The Adult Way

Cutting Isn’t A Habit
Is A Way Of Life
It Becomes Your Alternitive
It Completes The Pain In Your Life

The Only Thing You Have Control Over
Cut Or Don’t
How Deep, Not Deep At All

Three Days Grace In The Backround
Pain Can’t Get Enough
Cause It’s Rather Feel Pain Then Nothing At All

One More Time
A Little Deeper
Watch The Blood Drip Into The Water
Wash Away The Blood

Look At The Scars
Keep Them Hidin
From The World
But A Few People Know That
I Cut At My Thighs
Like They Are A Piece Of Meat I Am About To Devor

Thinking About Jeff And The Pain He Caused
The Pain I Brought On Myself
Thinking Of My Mother And All The Abuse She Gave Me Without Love

The Runner Who Hides

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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