The Wedding Bells

The Wedding Bells, The Stunning Arrangements
The Loud Music, The Lively Guests

I Closed The Door To My Room
To Escape The Noise, To Escape The Dhoom

I Looked At Myself In The Mirror One More Time
My Dress Was A Color As Red As Wine

My Bangles Matched With An Elegant Grace
My Golden Necklace Took Up My Neck’s Space

My Heavily Designed Dupatta Trailed Down To The Floor
Giving Me That Perfect Look, Letting Me Soar

For The Last Time, I Brushed My Hair
Taking Time, Although There Was None To Spare

Satisfied, I Walked Out The Door
I Knew He Would Be Impressed, I Was Sure

I Sat At A Nearby Chair Looking For Him, With Care
He Came And Sat Down Next To See
Took My Hand, And Pretended To See

What Was Written In My Fate
My Henna-Covered Hands Said He Was My Soul Mate

He Studied My Hands, Caressing Them Gently
He Said “only One More Thing To Add To Your Beauty”

He Slipped A Ring On My Engagement Finger
And Studied It, Letting His Hands Linger

I Smiled And Wanted To Hug Him
But All I Did, Was Ruffle His Hair, Making Him Grin

Someone Called My Name So I Whispered An Apology
And Went To See Who It Was To Tame

I Had To Go Sit Down Next To The Bride,
All The While, I Studied The Ring,

Not Paying Attention To The Groom Or The Bride
That Wedding Evening, I Was In Bliss

I Was Dancing Even After I Tired
He Was The One By Whom I Was Inspired

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