The Story Of The Heart

You’re Born Your Heart Is Whole, Beating You To Life
Although It’s One, Many Pieces Make Up Your Heart
Each One A Special Part Of Someone’s Life

The First Part Is Taken By Your Mother, Her Love Never Ending
Followed By Your Friends Who Care And Devote With Ease
There Are Those You Look Up To And Those You Admire
Each Person Taking A Special Piece Of Your Heart

As Each Part Is Peeled Away It Can Never Be Replaced
For Each Part Taken Another Is Given
Sometimes It Doesn’t Fit, A Puzzle Left Undone
Sometimes Your Heart Has To Give Away And Never Receive

But Sometimes
Someone Can Take A Part Of Your Heart So Big It Hurts
They May Give A Piece To You That Fills The Gap
Two Hearts Beating Together Each Rhythm Breaths Love
Your Heart Starts To Grow And Give More And More

When That Piece Is Broken Your Heart Begins To Weep
Its Fighting For Life As Its Split In Two
Aching Chest And Persistent Tears

Lonely And Lost It Beats Sending Signals
Needing Another To Fill The Hole
It Throws Its Pieces At Others Hoping To Receive
But Each Piece Thrown Is Never Taken
Another Lost In The Story Of Life

Realising What’s Left Hurts The Most
Not Knowing Who You Are
Not Knowing How You Feel

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11 Jul 2008 No Comment

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