The Sky Is Huge, The Sky S Large

The Sky Is Huge, The Sky S Large,
The Sky Is Full With Moon & Stars.

The Sky Has The Sun, And All The Sunshine.
But Still It’s Blue, With Everything So Divine.

The Ocean Is Deep, And The Ocean Is Vast,
The Ocean Is Full With Whales And Sharks
The Ocean Has Beaches And Beautiful Shore,
But Still It’s Blue, With Everything Beautiful To The Core.

My Smile Is So Good, I Laugh So Well,
I Make People Feel Light, With Jokes I Tell,

But The Truth Lies Hidden Deep In My Heart,
I’m Blue And People Think I’m Jolly From The Start.

You Make Me Smile, You Make Me Cry,
U Leave Footprints, When You Walk By,

But Still There’s Something, And That Is True,
My Life Is Blue, When I’m Without You.

The Ink I Used To Write This Letter,
Was Used Many A Times, To Scribble Things Far Better.

It Writes The Pain In Hearts, Hidden From View,
But Guess What? Even This Ink Is Blue.

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26 Jul 2008 No Comment

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