The Sightless Cucumber

It Was Once Called…
‘the Personnel Department’…
Now It Is Known As
‘human Resources’
And I Have Been De-Humanised,
A Pit Pony Among Lipizzaner Horses.

There Was A Time When I Had An Identity
But Now I Am An Employee Number,
In A World Where The One-Eyed Marrow Is King,
I Remain The Sightless Cucumber

That Is How It Makes Me Feel –
Just A Digit On A Payroll…
I Am A ‘resource’
– A Living Piece Of Coal

And So I Am Not Quite Real;
A Figment Of My Employers’ Imagination,
I Have Become Understatement
In A World That Thrives On Exaggeration.

Everything Today Is
Numbers And Codes,
Passwords And Pins,
Rights And Wrongs,
Outs And Ins,
But I Don’t Want To Be A Number…
I Don’t Want To Play Your Game…
I Want To Be A Person,
I Want You To Use My Name…

I Want You To Use My Name…

I Want You To Use My Name…


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