The Searching Soul

Here I Am
Looking Here And There
Searching For A Ma’am
Who Will Be The Partner In My Pair

Wandering, My Soul Is
And Roving, My Eyes Are
As Though Inspecting A Much-Needed Car;
The Finding Of Love I Hope This Is

Lonely Is How I Feel
Like The Calcaneus In The Heel
For A Partner I Have The Zeal
Hoping She Will Be My Seal

And Hoping My Loneliness Will Soon Abate
What I Put On Is A Smile
Whenever I See A Potential Date
But She’s Not Usually Worth My While

Because Sooner Or Later
My Potential Date Loses Her Flavour-
The Very Thing I Hoped To Savour-
And Eventually, For Her I Stop To Cater

With Spirits Low
And Heart Down;
Like Serious Foe
I Put On A Frown
But I Wasn’t Always Like This
I Once Had A Girl
If What Is Left Of Me Is This
Then All I Got Was A Twirl

I Try Not To Be Tart
When I Say Her Name
But The Pain In My Heart
Is Still The Same

Enough Of The Past
Let’s Note Into The Present
So We Can Forecast
Based On The Happenings That Are Recent

With Eyes Roving Hither And Thither
And A Heart Wary Of A Totter
I Notice A Beauty I Want For Myself
And Only Hope I Like Her True Self

She Is The Angel Perching
That My Soul May Stop Searching
A Potential Solution To A Problem That Seems Lasting-
But Cannot Be Everlasting

And If She’s Not, Very Soon I’ll Find The One
With Whom My Battles Are To Be Won
Now Don’t Say That Hope Is Forlorn
Because In Me Hopes Are Born, Not Torn!

More Shayari by Ayokunle Adeleye
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