The Poem At The Tip Of Your Tongue

Tell Me About The Poem At The Tip
Of Your Tongue
Wet With Wisdom

Tell Me About It And Tell Me
If You Have Finally Written It
On Paper

Tell Me If You Still Keep It
In Your Mind
While You Busy With Other
Economic Ideas
The One
Which Make Both Ends Meet
The Bread And Butter Thing

Tell Me If The Poem Is Still There
Or If Written In Haste
Still Unfinished
Or If Finished
So Sketchy
Like A Quick Scratch
To An Itch Of This Flea

Tell Me If You Have The Courage
Of Writing The Lines
To Beauty That You Always Ignore
To Gentleness That You Set Aside
To Grace That You Dislike
To God
Whom You Have Offended

Tell Me What Your Silence Means
Let Me Decipher
What You Think What You Still Refuse
To Write

Tell Me, I Know,
Everything Is Gone Like A Whisper Of The Wind
Far Away From Your Deaf Ears

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