The Phone Rang Last Night

The Phone Rang Last Night
Right After I Had Just Downed A Bottle Of Pills
It Was You And When You Had Learned What I Did
It Sent Through Your Body Nothing But Chills.

You’ve Always Known That I’m Suicidal
And After Yesterday You Should Understand
I Just Lost My World To Another Girl
She Even Wears His Ring On Her Hand.

You Asked Me If It Was What I Wanted
And Of Course, I Replied With A Solid Yes
So You Told Me That You Wouldn’t Try To Talk Me Out Of It
Since I’ve Convinced That It’s For The Best.

You Stayed On The Phone With Me The Rest Of The Night
Till Morning When I Got Up And Was Sick
You Took That Opportunity To Hang Up On Me And Call The Hospital
Seems Like The Ambulance Was Here So Quick.

I Didn’t Know What Was Going On Around Me
But I Recognized Some Of The Ambulance Personnel
They Were The Ones Who Came And Got Me Before
I Heard Them Whisper To One Another That I Wasn’t Doing Too Well.

They Told Me To Just Hold On
And We Would Be At The Hospital Soon
I Guess I Must Have Listened To Them
Because I Woke Up In A Hospital Room.

They Let Me Go This Afternoon
And The Doc Up-Dosed My Depression Pills
I Hate Taking Those Things, They Never Work
But He Told Me To Come Back In A Month And He’ll Give Me A Refill.

I’m Feeling Much Better About Everything
And I Thank You For Doing What You Did
But The Next Time I Hope You Don’t Catch Me
So Good-Bye To Everyone, I Can Bid

Life, For Me, Has Not Been An Easy Existence
And I Suppose Some Things Just Really Push Me Over The Edge
Sometimes It Seems So Beautiful And I Just Want To Stay
But Then Other Times I Just Wish I Could Step Off The Ledge.

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